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I have not had computer access for a few days.  Thus, no posts.

Spent time with extended family in Green Bay. Was talking to my sister’s father-in-law last night about the research being done on the effects of technology in the next generation’s ability to form a human community and establish “real time” empathic relationships, both at home an in the wider social context.  Talked with him also about war, health care, the oil gusher down in the Gulf, and various other topics. He is a full-time veterinarian in his eighties. Delightful stuff that happens only in family gatherings.

I wish I could transcribe verbatim the quote Auxiliary Bishop Robert Morneau used this morning in his homily.  I believe it was a quote from the musical South Pacific although he modified it a bit at the end of the homily. He was speaking of course about the Solemnity of the Body and  Blood of Christ which we celebrate today. It went like this: O what a mystery! Fools will “explain”. Wise men only try. Reminded me of St. Paul’s comment that the Greeks look for wisdom (explanations) but we Christians live the mystery. The mystery of the Real Presence of our Lord Jesus. And our union with him.

I hope all of you had a great weekend. Peace…..

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