The Wisdom of God

In today’s Office of Readings, St. Anthanasius offers a beautiful reflection on the Wisdom of God.

I just love St. Anthansius, and his theology! Always so rich in imagery and deep in his understanding of Christ.

Here is a snippet of his treatise, Discourse Against the Arians. My translation of the Italian text used.

“The Wisdom of God is creator and author of all things. Therefore it is said, ‘You have made all things in your wisdom’ and ‘The earth has been filled with your creation’ (cf. Wisdom 103,24) Now since all of creation does not exist by itself, but in an orderly manner, it pleased God to be commensurate with all things created by his Wisdom,  to imprint in all things and in each thing in particular a certain mark and semblance of his image so that it would be well known that creation has been adorned with Wisdom, and that our work may be worthy of God.

“Just as our word is an image of the Word, who is the Son of God, so too in us wisdom is made in the image of the same Word who  is Wisdom itself. …. God  no longer wishes to be known by means of images and shadows of wisdom, as in the days past. He wanted that this same true Wisdom assume flesh, become human and undergo death on the cross so that through faith, that is rooted in him, all believers would be able to be saved.

“The Wisdom of God manifested himself and the Father through his own image, impressed on all creation. Because of this, one could say he is created. To go on, the same Wisdom, who is the Word, is made man, as St. John affirms. Death destroyed and humanity freed, he manifested himself most clearly and, by means of him, the Father….

“Thus the whole earth is refilled with knowledge of him. Knowledge of th Father is solely through the Son and knowledge of the Son is solely through the Father.”

St. Anthanasius was arguing with the Arians many many centuries ago. Arius was a priest who began to teach that Jesus was not equal to the Father, but was created.  There were many facets to his heresy that the early Fathers of the Church dealt with.  St. Anthanasius was one of the principle voices against Arian bishops and priest, especially in the East.

I think it is beautiful to reflect on how God leaves his imprint on all of creation, that all of creation is good, and that the wisdom of humanity in some way reflects the Wisdom of God, who is the Word of God, Jesus Christ. This explains to us also why human reason and divine faith are not in opposition or in contradiction, but rather faith informs reason and is supported by true human wisdom.

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