Life of the Church ala Pope St. Clement

The following is from Pope St. Clement’s letter to the Corinthians:

“The strong should take care of the weak, the weak should respect the strong.  The rich help the poor, the poor praise God for have given them help in their neediness. The wise should show their wisdom not with words, but with good works. The lowly ought not give witness to themselves, but let others witness in their behalf.  He who is chaste in body should not boast, but recall the merit of him that has given him the gift of continence.

“Therefore, having received every thing from him, we ought to give thanks to him for everything. To him the glory in every age. Amen.” — excerpt from St. Clement, Capp.36, 1-2; 37-38; Funk, 1, 145-149. My translation from the Italian copy.

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