A New Heavens and a New Earth

St. Gregory of Nyssa was speaking today of the new heavens and the new earth of Christianity.  I have always likened that phrase to the Parousia, but St. Gregory has a different twist to it. 

In his Discourse on the Resurrection, he speaks of the new heavens and the new earth generated by the Resurrection of our Lord.  The new heaven is faith in Christ.  The new earth is a good heart, a heart eager for the rains of heaven, the teachings of the faith, that give rise to an abundant harvest in the lives of men and women.

A good meditation for us today.  The new heaven and the new earth is among us, in us.  Our hearts are renewed and fertile by the resurrection of Jesus. Our lives are fed by the gifts of the new heaven, the sun and the rain of faith that nourish us each day.

Let us enjoy our new freedom by listening attentively the new law of God which calls us, in faith, to love one another.  For faith accepted and nourished in our hearts will bear much fruit if we direct ourselves toward the law of God, which is revealed to us in Jesus.  This is our ultimate freedom and happiness.

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