Perhaps you have read Pope Benedict’s Angelus reflection last week.  He centered it around “time”, in the context of salvation history in the Christian tradition.  Here is a quote: 

“…we all say that we do not have enough time, because the pace of daily life has become frenetic for everyone.  In this regard, the Church has ‘good news’ to bring:  God gives us his time.  We always have little time; especially for the Lord, we do not know how or, sometimes, we do not want to find it.  Well, God has time for us. …..Yes, God give us his time, because he entered into history….to open it to eternity….time is a fundamental sign of God’s love:  a gift that man, as with everything else, is able to make the most of or, on the contrary, to waste;  to take in its significance or to neglect with obtuse superficiality….there are three great ‘points’ in time….Creation…..Incarnation-Redemption….the ‘parousia'”.

Perhaps today’s reflection can be on our use of time and the thought that God gives us his time,  (a time that is unlike our own), that transcends our daily routine, into a redemptive experience that can make present even the past and future. 

Can we give to God our chronological time in exchange for his gift of eternal time?

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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota.
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