The New Look

After 1667 posts and nearly 660,000 visits, I have decided to change the theme page on this weblog. Thanks to WordPress, Catholic Faith and Reflections now has a new header depicting the baldichino and altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, a place dear to my heart as I spent many hours there back in the 70s when I was a student at the Greg. The blog layout  is essentially the same as before, just cleaned up a bit.

I have also restricted somewhat the opportunity to place a comment. It seems my posts do not generate a lot of comments anyway, so if you want to comment, comment quickly for the window to do so with a particular post is now 5 days. After that, you are out of luck!

I have been tracking which posts are the most frequently viewed by you, the readers. It is very interesting. I get a great deal of traffic from overseas, especially the Far East, and much of what is viewed has to do with Church doctrine and Scripture. Some of the most unimaginative posts (in my view at the time of writing them) have been the most popular. I wonder what that means? Perhaps that there are thousands of individuals out there who want to be catechized anew, or perhaps for the first time, and gravitate toward anything that carefully teaches the Catholic faith. I am actually very gratified that these are the people and the posts that connect, because it is exactly for that reason that I began this weblog, i.e., to evangelize and re-evangelize those who have no other access to Church teaching and doctrine. I know that some of my readers are from China, for example. I truly hope this weblog reaches them and is a source of truth for our Catholic brothers and sisters in that land of persecution.

Finally, to all the nearly 660,000 viewers who have either come across or deliberately searched for Catholic Faith and Reflections, may God bless each and everyone of you!

Deacon Bob

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