Cardinal Dolan the Next Pope?!

Talk about making an impression! The Italian newspaper, Il Messaggero is reporting today that there is talk about the town that newly-made Cardinal Dolan is one of the papabili, that is, “pope able.” Let me quote Francesca Giansoldati in today’s edition of that paper (my translation of the Italian original):

The Consistory, among the 22 cardinals comes forth a new papabile: the American Dolan

Until yesterday at the Vatican there remained the unwritten rule that American cardinals were hardly electable in a conclave, not so much because of their human or pastoral profile, but because of their nationality. John Allen, among the most authoritative voices on the American Catholicism, said that for the same reason it would be difficult for a Secretary General of the United Nations to be an American because it would entrust too much superpower to a single nation. We figured the same for the Pope.

Thus, a similar attitude to not take into consideration a North American as pope possibles had remained unscathed until the other day when the new cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, positively struck all the 133 cardinals present at the closed door summit with the Pope. Even Benedict XVI before such a speech, so refreshing and of strong impact, couldn’t help but publicly complement him, using unusual adjectives: “An enthusiastic, joyful and profound demeanor.”

In effect the discourse that the cardinals had heard, even though delivered in very “primitive” Italian for which Dolan excused himself at the beginning, captured the attention of all, effectively combining a theological reflection on the state of things while speaking in common fashion using personal examples, humorously going back and forth with memories, citing romances and even a film, The Way. ……

Among the 22 cardinals, Dolan stood out because of his size. He is very tall and stout but with effect always smiling. And this is sufficient to transform him into a papabile.

┬áKind of hard to immagine…. an American pope. What is certain is Dolan is making an international impression, and if Giansoldati’s description is accurate, he has made a positive impression on the whole college of cardinals. Just the fact that he was asked to give this address yesterday is indicative of the attention he is getting from the Holy Father.

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