Congratulations, Cardinals O’Brien and Dolan!

Earlier today, Edwin O’Brien and Timothy Dolan were given the red hat and made cardinals of the Church. Their admittance to the Pope’s senate makes the United States the second largest contingent in the college of cardinals, after the Italians.

In case you are interested, Cardinal Dolan is now cardinal-priest of the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Monte Mario, and Cardinal O’Brien is the cardinal-deacon of the church of St. Sebastian on the Palatine, both churches in Rome. Every cardinal has a church in Rome to which they are assigned. This does not mean they no longer have their other assignments i.e., Cardinal Dolan is still the Archbishop of New York and Cardinal O’Brien is still Pro-Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, but traditionally cardinals have a Roman church also which binds them to the diocese of Rome.

It is said that the Holy Father is noticeably slowing down. He, for instance, came down the center aisle of St. Peter’s today on a wheeled platform rather than walking. He has cut back his scheduled activities even though he is planning a trip to Cuba and Mexico later this year. I learned also that he used a streamlined ceremony today for the installation of the cardinals. We pray for his continued health and as always, ad moltos annos!

Congratulations, Cardinals O’Brien and Dolan!

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