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If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, then you are aware of my fondness for Papa Luciani. I was reading his address to the College of Cardinals on August 30, 1978 and would like to share the following excerpts.

“This unity [of the Church] transcends space, ignores racial difference and enriches us with the true values present in diverse cultures.  Though peoples differ in geographical location, in language and mentality, through this one communion, they become a single great family.  How could one but feel a wave of a brightening hope in face of the marvellous spectacle your presence offers to a reflective spirit?…

“Your presence places before us an eloquent image of the Church of Christ….

“We would only wish to confirm in this moment together with you all, the commitment of our total availability to the guidance of the Spirit for the good of the Church. It was this that each of you promised on the day of your elevation to the Cardinalate, to serve ‘even to the shedding of your blood’. Venerable Brothers, last Saturday we found ourselves faced with that momentous decision of saying ‘yes’.  We knew that this would place on our shoulders the formidable weight of the Apostolic ministry. One of you whispered in my ear encouraging words of trust and confidence.  It is fitting then for us, having now been made the Vicar of the One who commanded Peter to ‘confirm your brothers’ (Lk. 22:32), it is fitting for us to remind you that you ar now to take up your respective ecclesiastical responsibilities with courage, with firm trust. Even in the difficulty of the present hour, we have the ever-present assistance of Christ. He repeats again to us today the words spoken when the darkness of the passion gathered over him, words spoken to that first group of believers, “Remember, I have overcome the world’ (Jn. 16:33)” Taken from:

It seems this is another example of the pope’s premonition of the shortness of his papacy and his sense of personal inadequacy, relying on Christ’s assistance and the support of others.

As you know, I think Papa Luciani is a saint. I saw him face to face. I served Mass for him, saw him elected and buried. His canonization process continues.

Perhaps within my lifetime, I will see him canonized.

Pope John Paul I, pray for us!

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