Live Without Fear

A couple of months ago, I wrote about my New Year’s resolution to live without fear.  I am finding it easier said than done.  No surprise there, I suppose.

I ran across this from St. Padre Pio of Pietrecina today.  It is good encouragement for me.

“Pray, hope, and don’t worry!”

Living without fear is, of course, tied in with living in faith and trust.  I think Padre Pio is making reference to the three great virtues:  Love (expressed in prayer), hope (as directly stated), and faith (Don’t worry!).  His words are a good reminder that to live without fear, in faith, you must cultivate a love of God and others, and maintain a joyful expectation for the future.

Isn’t it true that Christianity needs to return to its ancient roots and practice in which Christians everywhere were noted for their joy, hope and courage?  We can choose to live this way today.  I offer you that challenge.

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One Response to Live Without Fear

  1. Mary Yerhot says:

    As for me, the way I handle fear in my life is to live in the moment because that is all I have. I follow the promptings of the Spirit in my life and let go of trying to
    control the outcomes of the day. Often times, the day is altered, and I am pleasantly surprised by what happens in my life. This requires a great deal of trust–it develops trust and acceptance in myself and the fact that there is a higher power directing me. There is nothing to be afraid of because it is all about
    God creating through me.

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