Show Me the Face of God

St. Theophilus of Antioch wrote a beautiful piece on seeing the face of God.  A few quotes for your reflection.

“If you say, ‘ Let me see your God’, I will say to you, ‘ Let me see the man within you, and I will show you my God’.  Let me see, therefore, if the eyes of your soul see, and the ears of your heart hear.

“God, indeed, is seen by those who can see, that is, those who have eyes.  But some eyes are clouded  and do not see the light of the sun.  Just because the blind do not see, you cannot conclude that the light of the sun does not shine.  Justifiably, they attribute their blindness to themselves and their own eyes.

“The eyes of your soul are clouded by your sins and your evil behavior…..God does not show himself to those who do such things unless they are not first purified from every stain. 

“If you understand these things, O man, and if you live in purity, holiness and justice, you will see God.  But first of all faith and awe of God need enter your heart, and behold, you will understand all of this.”  Lib. I, 2. 7; PG 6, 1026-1027. 1035

How true it is that we fail to recognize the face of God within us because our vision is clouded and obscured by the sin in our lives and by our lack of faith.  Our Christian faith also teaches us that if we want to see God, look to Jesus who is the complete revelation of the Father.  Jesus is he who lives in us.  That is why St. Theophilus tells us, “Let me see the man within you and I will show you the face of my God.”

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