New Book Out on Papa Luciani

On May 12, Dr. Marco Roncalli, a distant relative of Pope John XXIII, presented his new bood entitled: Giovanni Paolo I: Albino Luciani.

From what I know, it is available only in English at the moment. The book is reputed to cover the entire life of Pope John Paul I, from infancy to his seminary experience, his time in the diocese of Vittorio Veneto as bishop, as patriarch of Venice and finally as pope. The author discusses Luciani’s thoughts on the relationship between theology and Magisterium, obedience to the Church, humility, his thoughts on finances, etc.  It highlights Luciani not only as pope but above all as a man and a pastor in touch with human reality and profoundly bound to the Church.

If I can obtain a copy, I will report back more as I read it.

I am happy that this humble pope’s memory remains alive. It is my continued hope that in my lifetime he may be raised to the ranks of the blessed and canonized a saint.

Papa Luciani, pray for us!

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