Mother Teresa on Papa Luciani

I ran across a quote attributed to Mother Teresa in which she describes Pope John Paul I. I had never read this before and would like to share it with you.

He has been the most beautiful gift of God; a sunray of God’s love that shines in the darkness of the world. He is like the hope of eternal happiness; an ardent flame of God’s love. He is proof that God always loves the world, and proof for the Church that Christ is still with it; that Christ is always alive in the Church. For the poor and underprivileged persons, he represented hope. Also, our people in India considered him as a father. Some Hindu people when they knew John Paul I said, “This one is a Pope who is just in Mother Teresa’s heart because he is full of love for the poor.” His death is a mystery that we must accept; there are no human explanations. His passage has given proof of the Church’s vitality. 

See at: and click on “Pope John Paul I and the Press”

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