St. Cyril of Alexandria and the Body of Christ

Some thoughts on the unity of the Body of Christ, the Church, are given today by St. Cyril of Alexandria.  Good words to ponder when we think of the challenges to Church unity in contemporary society.

My translation:

“The power of Christ’s sacred humanity brings into one body those in whom it exists.  In the same way, I believe, the one and indivisible Spirit of God who lives in everyone, leads everyone to a spiritual unity.

“All of us are one in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, one thing only, I say, by our identity in our human condition, our cohesion in charity, our communion with the sacred body of Christ and our participation in the Holy Spirit.” — St. Cyril of Alexandria, “Comments on the Gospel of John”

May no one, individually or collectively, damage the unity which is ours in the Church. We need to be careful about judging each other, for while we live we all are the Lord’s and when we die we all die as his servants, as St. Paul reminds us in Romans. Our common unity is deeper than the differences in practice of spiritual discipline or lifestyle. Our unity is stronger than what is often seen at first sight. Our unity is grounded in Jesus and the Spirit, in obedience to the Father.

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