A Bit of a Shakeup


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The Holy Father today, at noon Rome time, appointed Cardinal Donald Wuerl from Washington, D.C. to the Congregation for Bishops. In doing so, he replaced Cardinal Raymond Burke. Cardinal Burke is someone well known in my local area, hailing from the neighboring diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin for which he was ordained priest and later bishop. Burke built a large shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe just outside of La Crosse to which a many pilgrims come.

Cardinal Wuerl and Cardinal Burke certainly have their contrasts. Pope Francis’ decision to relieve Cardinal Burke from the responsibilities of the Congregation for Bishops and confer those responsibilities to Cardinal Wuerl portends, perhaps, a change in the flavor and tenor future bishops in the United States will enjoy.

Having a role in discerning who among the clergy are worthy successors of the apostles and making recommendations to the Holy Father in regard to them, is a major responsibility and influential in shaping the episcopacy in the world.

May God bless Cardinal Wuerl in this added and new ministry to the universal Church!

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