Papa Luciani (Pope John Paul I) Centenary is Scheduled!


I would like to happily inform you that there will be an international conference this October, here in the United States, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Pope John Paul I’s birth. The conference is slated to be held October 12-13, 2012 in New York City.

Papa Luciani’s cause for beatification is advancing. We anticipate with hope that some day this humble pope and servant of God will be listed among the canonized saints of the Church. I have always hoped that if he is beatified and canonized, I may be present to witness it….. dare I even hope to be chosen to be deacon, since I served his installation Mass in 1978?? (I can always dream, right?)

There is a website now on this centenary celebration for you to go to and keep abreast of developments. I include it here and in the list of “Good Websites” below to the right.

Papa Luciani, pray for us!

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3 Responses to Papa Luciani (Pope John Paul I) Centenary is Scheduled!

  1. Josephine Naylor says:

    I cannot cease to ask why god had to rob us of this humble pontiff after only 33 days. Pope John Paul I impressed me so much like he did millions of others with his warm smile and humble ways and reading about his brief but difficult life as pope makes me wonder why he was ever selected. Would 33 days really make a difference to prepare Karol Wojtyla? Then it occurred to me that a very simple reason exist as to why Albino Luciani was on loan to us for 33 days and no more – God loved him much more than we did and we just didn’t deserve him. We weren’t ready for what him and what he might have done. Does anyone know the title of the musical piece by Maroc Frisina used in the movie The Smiling Pope, played by Neri Marocre?

  2. Deacon Bob says:

    Thank you, Josephine, for stopping by Catholic Faith and Reflections. I hope you find the content here helpful and instructive to you.

    Off the top of my head, I do not recall the title of the musical score for the film “Il Papa del sorriso.” I will try to research it and get back to you.

    I too have wondered often why God took John Paul I from us so quickly. Perhaps we as a people weren’t ready for him, as you suggest, but I tend to think he was exactly what we did need, but unfortunately natural forces had their way and he died an untimely death. There is no doubt that the H0ly Spirit chose him, and that being the case, God knew what we needed and gave him to us. Ours is now the responsibility to come to fully understand God’s movement in human history with the life and death of Papa Luciani.

    God bless you, Josephine.

    Deacon Bob

  3. Gerard St Laurent says:

    This man was a great thinker, he was what the world needs

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