If You Are in Rome or Poland….

The Holy Father announced today that October 22 will be the feast day of soon to be Blessed Pope John Paul II in the diocese of Rome and in all the dioceses of Poland. Outside of these dioceses, the local bishop will have to ask special permission of the Vatican to have the feast day inserted into the liturgical calendar.

This is one of the notable differences in how the Church celebrates those who are “Blessed” as compare to a canonized saint, i.e., the Church celebrates a “Blessed” one in a more regional or local manner in contrast to a saint who is universally celebrated by the Church.

Every diocese of the Catholic Church has been given permission to set aside a day in the upcoming year as a day of thanksgiving for Blessed John Paul. Keep an eye on your diocesan calendar to find out if and when it will occur for you.

There seems to be little doubt to me that all this will be a moot point in the relatively near future, for I am confident that John Paul II will soon be canonized, and the universal Church will celebrate his feast day on the 22nd of October.

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