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A new week is┬ábeginning. Being a cleric, and spending the entire weekend assisting at Mass, preaching and other such diaconal responsibilities often leaves me feeling like one week doesn’t end nor another begins. It becomes clearer to me why the Church has the Liturgy of the Hours and the Church calendar. It brings beginnings and ends into the life of a Christian. The life of a cleric doesn’t lend itself to the secular ebb and flow of the days and weeks; rather, it lends itself nicely to the rhythym of the Church’s week and year.

The movie, The King’s Speech, was seen yesterday by this blogger and his wife. A good movie, I think. Nothing one would have to shield from the eyes and ears of youngsters or one’s own conscience.

The diaconal community of the diocese of Winona had a day of reflection last Saturday, led by Deacon Joe Michalak from the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis. He led us in considering the diaconal identity and its theology, as well as the diaconate and marriage. Got a few of us thinking. The point that there needs to be an integration in the deacon’s life as a cleric, husband and parent, and a right ordering of time, effort and attention was appreciated by me. I find that those two terms — intregration and ordering — are so much more helpful than what many of us were taught in formation, i.e., the need to prioritize.

For all you Polish readers, happy St. Stanislaus day!

I am hoping all of you have a great day.

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