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In my prayer and thoughts of late, and in my homilies at daily Mass, I have been returning to the theme of our being caught up into the life of the Trinity. The realization that by virtue of our baptism and the grace of the Holy Spirit poured out into our beings in that sacrament, we are drawn up with Jesus into the very life of God himself. I think our Eastern Rite brothers and sisters have a better grasp on this than we in the Latin Rite; their liturgies and their architecture and art seem to depict this well. Our recent Gospel readings at Mass tell of Jesus’ intimacy with the Father, and thus we too are very close to God our Father by our identification with the resurrected and ascended Jesus. The practical question then becomes, “Do others see in me the face of Jesus? Do I announce the Gospel by speaking what God has taught me? Am I in the way or am I a way through which the New Evangelization of the world will take place?”

Graduation time in my family. Nieces, sister, son-in-law…. all graduating either from high school, college or graduate school. Makes me think of my graduations and how much I loved my schooling. I know I am different, but I loved writing papers!

Two funerals in the upcoming few days in the parish. They seem to come in waves. Unfortunately, I cannot usually assist as I am in the office during the day here at the clinic. God rest the souls of all the faithfully departed.

Will be seeing some from my extended family this weekend. Looking forward to it. Was able to do the same last weekend under unfortunate circumstances (funeral).

Papa Luciani crops up again and again in my memory. My next trip to Italy has to include a trip to the Dolomite region where he grew up and was bishop for quite sometime. I want to visit his hometown and the church in which he was baptized. I keep praying for his eventual canonization and the opportunity to be present for it. (God, could you work a miracle and somehow make it so I am deacon at that ceremony?!)

It is interesting to see how some of the prominent Catholic blogs develop in theme and tenor over the years. I am not so sure I like what I see. Some of them seem to highlight controversy over unity; doctrinal purity over pastoral charity. If you the readers have any feedback for me, and this weblog, please drop a comment or two in the combox.

Remember: God is good. His justice prevails. Our job is not to judge or condemn, but to faithfully present the Gospel in its fullness. Never take it personally if someone rejects it; we are not what is important, they are and the Word of Truth we have to give.

Bless all of you.

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  1. Damien says:

    Thank you for posting this short but a very imaortpnt reminder about the precursory role of Pope John Paul I on the New Evangelization. It also makes sense as to why Papa Karol Wojtyla took the name John Paul II and made it a great name in the history of the Catholic Church.

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