Daily Archives: June 18, 2011

John Corapi, aka “The Black Sheep Dog”

Yesterday, a statement was released attributed to John Corapi filled with anger, hurt, woundedness and ambivalence. It essentially announced he was permanently leaving public ministry as a priest but was not “extinguished” and was going to take as his stage “the entire world.”

I feel deeply sorry for him and I fear him now. I fear he may become an instrument of division within the Church, act out his anger and ambivalence to harm the Body of Christ.

From only reading the text of the statement it strikes me of a man who has a wounded pride. He seems to be lashing out, and seeing himself in some way now as the defender of truth in the world. He doesn’t actually say that, but it leaves that impression in my mind.

I hope he has not lost his sobriety, his chastity, his love of God or of God’s holy people. I hope he continues to see in the Catholic Church the Body of Jesus. I hope he nutures her.

He ended his statement with, “John Corapi (once called “father,” now “The Black Sheep Dog”).

I hope he refrains from continuing to refer to himself as “The Black Sheep Dog.”

Read his entire statement at: Corapi.