Pope John Paul I and Pope Francis

pope0263gFinally, someone is recognizing what I and others have been saying since Pope Francis’ election as pope: He resembles Pope John Paul the FIrst (Papa Luciani). I say resembles not so much in his physical appearance – even though both have the smile of God about them – but rather in their emphases and pastoral approaches in their catechesis.

As I said in a post right after Francis’ election, it was my impression when I saw him step out onto the main loggia of St. Peter’s basilica, that I was re-experiencing Luciani’s election way back in August 1978.

John Paul I was quick to win the hearts of so many, as has Francis. John Paul I was expected to usher in a time of reform of the Curia, as has Francis. John Paul I began to emphasize the virtues of faith, hope and charity, virtues exemplified by John Paul II and written about in encylicals by Benedict and now Francis.

I have here a link to the diocesan paper of Green Bay, Wisconsin and an article written about all of this. The article comes via Robert Duncan of the Catholic News Service. It is an interesting read.



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