The Pope Will Be In a Prison Holy Thursday

Here is another unexpected turn of events in the new papacy of Pope Francis. The Vatican is announcing today that Pope Francis will celebrate Holy Thursday’s Mass of the Lord’s Supper in a juvenile prison near Rome. As the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio would usually celebrate Holy Thursday Mass in a prison, hospital or with marginalized groups. As Pope, he will continue this tradition.

In the first few days of his pontificate, Pope Francis has highlighted the need to serve the poor, adding that true power doesn´t come with money or influence, but rather in service.  

The prison is the Casal del Marmo Detention Center. According the Osservatore Romano, 

 “As Archbishop of Buenos Aires — the Cardinal Bergoglio used to celebrate” The Mass In Cena Domini “in a prison, hospital or hospice for the poor or marginalized”.

With the choice to go to a prison for juvenile delinquency, Pope Francis has thus decided to continue this course and to maintain the simplicity whereby he has always lived.Therefore on 28 March the Holy Father will celebrate the Chrism Mass in the morning in St Peter’s Basilica and in the afternoon at 5:30 p.m. he will go to the Correctional Facility for minors, Casal del Marmo, for the “Mass of the Lord’s Supper”, a celebration by the message of the Commandment of love and by the washing of the feet”.

All the other Holy Week ceremonies will take place according to “normal custom.”

Both Benedict XVI and John Paul II visited the detention center. Pope Benedict celebrated Mass there on 18 March 2007, the Fourth Sunday of Lent and Pope John Paul went there for a visit during the afternoon of 6 January 1980, the Solemnity of the Epiphany.

May God continue to strengthen our new Holy Father in his ministry as Successor to Peter and Bishop of Rome.


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One Response to The Pope Will Be In a Prison Holy Thursday

  1. cristian says:

    Pope Francis , a true man of God , one more time he is re-writing the new way of ” I am here to serve , not to be serve ” lets keep him present during this Holy Week so God and Mother Mary will keep him save and always with a great spirit of service and love for the poor.

    Gracias por todos los buenos articulos y en especial por mantener informado a quienes como yo vemos en el nuevo Papa Francisco, la mano milagrosa y protectora de Dios sobre cada uno de nosotros y sobre su Iglesia.

    Mantengamos en nuestras oraciones esta semana santa al Papa francisco , para que Dios y nuestra Madre Santisima la Virgen Maria lo protejan y lo mantengan en este camino de servicio y ejemplo para cada catolico y el mundo entero.

    Cristian L .

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