The Church Divested of Material and Political Burdens – Pope Benedict’s Thoughts

To continue with some of the thoughts I had in my last post, I am posting Pope Benedict’s thoughts about the Church’s need to be liberated from material and political burdens. The following in an excerpt from an address he gave on September 25, 2011 to a meeting Lay Catholics Engaged in the Church and Society at Freiburg, Germany. It is the Vatican’s official translation.

History has shown that, when the Church becomes less worldly, her missionary witness shines more brightly. Once liberated from material and political burdens and privileges, the Church can reach out more effectively and in a truly Christian way to the whole world, she can be truly open to the world. She can live more freely her vocation to the ministry of divine worship and service of neighbour. The missionary task, which is linked to Christian worship and should determine its structure, becomes more clearly visible. The Church opens herself to the world not in order to win men for an institution with its own claims to power, but in order to lead them to themselves by leading them to him of whom each person can say with Saint Augustine: he is closer to me than I am to myself (cf. Confessions, III,6,11). He who is infinitely above me is yet so deeply within me that he is my true interiority. This form of openness to the world on the Church’s part also serves to indicate how the individual Christian can be open to the world in effective and appropriate ways.

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