Random Thoughts About California

California is a wonderful state. Here in the valley west of San Francisco and south of Sacramento there are vineyards everywhere. In the county surrounding where I am staying, there are over 100,000 acres of grape vines. From what I have been told, the sky has been cloudless for months.

People are pretty friendly. The ladies down at the Chamber of Commerce were wonderful, and zealously promoted their city. The streets are lined with small restaurants serving great food.

Chinatown was a new experience for me. Beware! If you order “spicy beef soup” from a real Chinese restaurant, you palate will burn. And you will sweat profusely.

The tap water is terrible. The served water at eating establishments is delightful.

Of course, there is nothing comparable to the Pacific Ocean. Something visceral happens when you stand there and take it all in. Something primordal.

Looking forward to venturing into the mountains tomorrow or Saturday.

Praying for all of you.

Deacon Bob

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