If One is a Source of Division and Discord….

I want to share a quote today from St. Clement I on how to respond if one is seen as a source of division and animosity within the Church. This is my translation of the Italian text I used.

“Who therefore among you is noble of heart, merciful and filled with love? Let him say, “If because of me there has arisen animosity, rebellion, discord and divisions, I will leave, I will go away wherever you wish and I will do that which the community imposes on me, so that the flock of Christ may live in peace with the legitimately placed presbyters.” — Pope St. Clement I, Letter to the Corinthians

I think St. Clement expresses in this quote the need for obedience and humility among all those who lead and shepherd God’s holy people.

Perhaps in these recent weeks of unfortunate news within the Church here in this country, well reported now in the Catholic press and on Catholic blogs, St. Clement’s admonition is apt and timely.

If one becomes a source of division and rebellion, he or she needs to step aside and humbly accept the judgment of the Church.

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