Rejoice, Ye Dour Catholics!!

I ran across a delightful blog post written by Susan Kehoe, the wife of Deacon Larry Kehoe down in Des Moines, Iowa. She entitled the post Catholics Are Not Baptized In Vinegar.

Her blog is: A Deacon’s Wife.

Reminds me of what our pastor has said on a number of occasions: “There is no extra grace attached to bowed heads and somber faces!”

Christian joy is one of the main things that attract others to the faith. We Catholics have more than ample reason to rejoice with all that we have been given and have become as members of Christ’s body. We have been given a full measure of God’s Spirit that beckons us to rejoice in the Lord always.

Yes, I say it again, rejoice!

Thanks, Mrs. Kehoe, for the reminder.

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