A Meditation for the Beginning of Holy Week

Thanks to Dr. Lori Pieper over at On Pilgrimmage I would like to offer the following prayer composed by Papa Luciani (Pope John Paul the First). It was actually a part of one of his homilies when he was bishop of Vittorio Veneto.

When I make my thanksgiving [after communion], I say to the Lord, “Bravo, Lord. That time, in the Upper Room, you knelt before the apostles, and you washed their feet! You know your job! You are an expert in washing! Now, with this Communion, don’t wash my feet, I beg you, wash my soul! Purify my heart! Make it so I can be truly more pure and clean! I am a bishop, I am ashamed to be dirty, to have a soul that is not clean. Make me truly pure and clean.”

Another example of Papa Luciani’s sanctity, simplicity and humility. Humilitas! was in his very character. And in his humility, we found a saint to whom we all can identify, and call our “Papa.”

Have a good Holy Week. A diaconal blessing on each of you.

Deacon Bob

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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota.
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