A Mirror of the World

I would like to alert you to something a friend of mine from Germany, Achim Furniss, has started recently. He has a website Speculum Mundi which is an opportunity for people throughout the world to exchange ideas, concerns and other things they find of importance in their countries or in the world.

Achim is a very interesting man, a Lutheran pastor, and an entrepreneur of sorts, whose daughter was a foreign exchange student in my home a number of years ago. He and a Italian man by the name of Valter have been pen pals of mine for the past few years.

The website is set up so you can post and read messages in English, Italian, German or French. Pick your language. If you want to be a contributor, just register as a new user. Achim does the managing and monitoring of the site.

This is an effort to use the Internet to foster international dialogue and understanding among cultures…. a mirror of the world!

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