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“No longer be only a witness; be now fully enfolded in my Love.  Open your heart to your brothers and sisters, and you open your heart to Me. For it is through you that I come to all people, to bring My healing and Love to the world.” — Elisa Marie Cady, BSCD

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  1. So glad to run into your bog! This is the kin of use of modern communications that Pope Benedict has urged us to be into!

    In my senior years after a lifetime of catechetics, ministry to the dying, Youth Ministry, RCIA and eight years of religious life, I have found a new way to “Open (my) heart to my brothers and sisters”. I have written a spiritual memoir named ‘Graffiti On My Soul’ (under the pen name Johanna) which has just been published. The late Cardinal Avery Dallas said, “The living testimony of believers rather than philosophical arguments is what is needed today. In former days we focused on how ‘we get to God’ Today it is more important to understand how ‘God comes to us'”. I would humbly like to ask your help to spread the word? I see my book as filling a need: you are as aware as I am that secular readers will rarely pick up a religious book. But one reader said of my book, “It reads like an Agatha Christie novel, but the words are so beautiful they sound like music”. This is a book that I envision can be given without ‘offense’ to fallen away Catholics, perhaps members of our own family with whom communication is ‘strained’, and the public at large, and they will appreciate it firstly as a rivetting suspense story. But at the same time it is a faith witness, pro-life, Eucharistic, and a stunning true story of God among us. It is a step in the new evangelization.
    For more information please check out my website at http://www.eloquentbooks.com/GraffitiOnMySoul.html

  2. Deacon Bob says:

    I don’t know anything about Ms. Schredl’s book, so I leave it up to you, my readers, to explore her book if you wish.

    I do want to thank Ms. Schredl for stopping by the blog and for her lifetime involvement in catechetics, ministry and religious life. May God bless her!

    Stop by again, Jan and share more about your life and ministry!
    Deacon Bob

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