Wanna See the Sistine Chapel?

Thanks to Villanova University, you can take a wonderful tour of the Sistine Chapel right from your home. I have been to the Sistine Chapel three times, and I can tell you the virtual tour provided at the Vatican website is as close as you can come to actually being there.

Log on and enjoy!


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2 Responses to Wanna See the Sistine Chapel?

  1. karen querna says:

    too funny, and a coincidence as I was using the Sistine Chapel as an inspiration in an art class I just completed. No not trying to recreate, just exploring the use of compostion, line, and shape

  2. Deacon Bob says:

    Must have been quite an art class! I would love to read what you wrote or created regarding composition, line and shape, if the Sistine Chapel was your inspiration.

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