Holy Father and World Day of the Migrant

The Holy Father again has addressed the issue of immigration.  This is a topic I have posted on several times, and have brought up with the deacons of my diocese, as we have had a large influx of Hispanics coming to our state.  My friend from 30 years ago, Bishop Tony Taylor of the diocese of Little Rock issued his first pastoral letter to the people of Arkansas about this topic, and our local bishop has been very vocal about it also, especially after federal agents swept through a few cities in our diocese rounding up many and breaking up families in the process.

The Holy Father, in today’s Angelus message from St. Peter’s had this to say, in part, (my translation from the Italian original):

“Today is the World Day of the Refugee and Migrant.  Since we celebrate this year the Year of Paul…I have chosen the theme: ‘St. Paul the Migrant, Apostle of the Nations’. Saul…was born of a immigrant family from Tarsis…..Today I think especially of the migrants.  Their reality is unlike that of others.  In some cases, thanks to God, their situation is peaceful and well integrated; others, unfortunately is difficult, painful and with such drama….Yes, each of us, according to our own vocation, according to where we live and work, are called to give witness to the Gospel, with a great concern for those brothers and sisters from other countries, for various reasons have come and are living in our midst.  Thus, we need to value the phenomenon of migration as an occasion for civility…”

If you have been keeping up on Italian national news, you know that Italy has a huge influx of immigrants from various countries, and its Parliment has been debating the whole issue.  Reading their newspapers, I have seen how they are reporting an increase of serious crime, and often the headlines regarding this has a photograph or two of the alleged criminal, often someone born elsewhere than Italy.

Immigration is a global phenomenon, not just the United States.

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