St. Cecelia

Memorial of St. Cecelia today.  What a wonderful reading this morning from St. Augustine on song.  He asks us to consider who would dare present themselves before the Lord who knows well the melodies of our lives, of our hearts.  Who would be bold enough to try to sing a song to the Lord, who is the perfect musician. Then he goes on to say we must “sing with joy”.  What does this mean?  He suggests it means not trying to explain in words what is in our hearts as we approach God with our lives.  He uses as examples the songs sung by those reaping in the fields, those making new wine, those laboring intensely.  These sing songs from the heart, and the words simply flow without deliberation.  These are songs of joy.He says that when the emotions rise, words do not suffice to explain our song, our gift to the Lord.  It  is precisely then that we “sing with joy”.  

Would that all our lives be a songs of joy!  Then our hearts would open and the greatness of the joy of the love of Jesus would know no limits.  Then we would be able to present to the Lord an acceptable gift of praise.

St. Cecelia, patroness of musicians, pray for us that we may be pleasing songs before the throne of God.

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