Monday of the 33rd Week

I was lector at the 6:30 AM Mass this morning, so I proclaimed the reading from the beginning of the book of Revelation.  John wrote that the one who reads and proclaims these words is blessed and those who listen to the prophetic message are indeed blessed.  Blessings flow from the proclamation and hearing of the Word of God.  Isn’t that true!  Do we remain conscious of this as we proclaim and hear, that blessings are being given?  The Word of God spoken and heard convey Jesus Christ, who blesses us all. 

The reading went on to acknowledge the church in Ephesus as strong in the faith and discerning true teachers of the faith, but John reprimands Ephesus for its lack of love, and asks them to consider how far they have fallen because of this.  A good reminder for us who may be clear in our doctrines but clouded in our loving.  Love surpasses all.  Will love for God be in our hearts when we face Jesus in our particular judgment after death?  That is what will count, not our knowledge of specific doctrine as important as that may be.  I am reminded of St. Thomas Aquinas, who no one could accuse of being ignorant of the doctrines of faith, who said at the end of his life that all he had written was “straw” in light of the love of God in Christ Jesus his Lord.

May love rule in our hearts for ever.  May a discerning spirit live in us.  May we listen and proclaim boldly Jesus.  To him be glory forever!

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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota.
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