Wisdom and the Word

Today’s Office of Readings provide ample food for thought.  Take a look at Wisdom 8: 1-21 and its beautiful description of one’s desire for wisdom.  He likens it to the desire one has for one’s spouse, calling it a companion for life.  He indicates one only needs to pray for the gift of Wisdom, as he recognizes it is pure gift from God.  We have been reading from Wisdom all week.  Great stuff!

The second reading is from St. Baldwin of Canterbury in which he speaks with equal eloquence of the beauty and efficacy of the Word of God.  He calls it “Efficacious in creation..efficacious in the governing of the world…efficacious in redemption.  What else is able to be more efficacious or more powerful? ….It is effective when it is preached, effective when it works…..it penetrates the heart like sharpened darts flung by a hero….penetrates like nails hammered forcefully…”

I pray my office in Italian, which I find a far more beautiful language in Scripture than English. The Italian in these readings today flows so nicely.

Both the Word and wisdom are powerful allies in our daily lives.  Let us pray to the Word and pray for the wisdom of God.

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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota.
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