Daily Archives: February 3, 2012

HHS Mandate and Religious Liberty

As you no doubt have been reading in the news of late, the Department of Health and Human Services has issued a mandate that all health plans must include, free of charge, contraceptive services including some abortifacients, and sterilizations.

This for all intents and purposes will force the Catholic institutions such as hospitals, social service agencies, schools and universities, to violate their consciences, close their doors, or face heavy fines.

The Church cannot comply with this mandate. To do so not only violates our consciences, but also violates the First Amendment rights of all religious faiths to practice their religion free from government intrusion.

I would ask you to please view Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan’s video message below. Take it to heart; contact your elected congressman or woman, your senator, and the White House and insist this mandate be removed.

Cardinal-designate Dolan on Religious Liberty