Deacon Bob’s Homily for Solemnity of the Holy Trinity

Here is my homily for the upcoming weekend.  God bless all!

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Proverbs 8: 22-31; Romans 5: 1-5; John 16 12-15

June 15/16, 2019


We all experience God in some way and we desperately want to understand Him. God has given us the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, touch, remember, and imagine through which we perceive God’s presence. God has given us our minds to ponder Him, to try to understand Him, and He has given us our wills to choose and want Him who is the greatest good in life, and our passions to love Him. Throughout the many centuries of human history, God revealed Himself more and more to humankind and we have gradually grown in our understanding of who God is. Yet, God remains mysterious. Today’s feast of the Holy Trinity is a celebration of the mystery who is God.

With the coming of Jesus and the Holy Spirit into the world, God has shown us that He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; that He is a mystery too deep for us to understand, but a mystery we can know in ways words cannot express. We know God as our Father; we know Him as our brother and Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Father, and we know Him as the Holy Spirit the fire of love. He is one God, and three Persons. We know Him even if our words are too weak to fully explain Him. God is a perfect and eternal flow of Divine Love, of Divine Charity: Father loving the Son and the Son loving the Father so perfectly that the Holy Spirit, the bond of their Love, is God. The Father loves the Son and the Son goes forth to do the Father’s will in the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we, his people, may enter into God’s love and life.

Yes, God also reveals himself to us in the Church. He shares Himself with each human being He creates, and He calls each of us into the Church. God says, “I want you to know Me. I am here. Listen and look and you will find Me. Look for me within yourselves! Look for me in my Body the Church.” I’ve met God in the depths of my heart, and in the Church. I have met him when alone, and I have met Him in this community of faith, and so have you; we all have met God whether we realize it or not, whether we recognized Him or not. He has been here for us in good times and bad. At every moment we are sustained us by His love. If He were not love, we would cease to exist.

Even though we cannot fully explain Him, we know Him, and have known Him throughout our lives and He wants us to enter more deeply into the mystery and live in love just as He lives as Love.

That is the astounding thing to me. God is a cycle of perfect love. We, mere human beings, are drawn into the love of God Himself. We are drawn up into this flow of Divine Charity which is the Holy Trinity. We are caught up in it, and must remain in it forever. God wants to pull us in to Himself. He is like a strong current in the ocean that we don’t see, but we feel. The ocean current pulls us away from the shore and into the depths of the sea, just as God pulls us from the smallness of this life into the infinite and unknown depths of His life. Yes, we can resist His pull with our sins, exhausting ourselves, but in the end we have to let go of this world and live in the next world for all eternity where we will either experience the rest and peace we all need and want in heaven, or we will painfully feel separation from God’s life. God’s pull on us is strong, stronger that the pull of evil and He made us to want Him. He made us to be vulnerable to Him. He made us to love Him and to be with Him, but He won’t force us into heaven. We must choose.

So, on this Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, may we once again rest in God’s love for us. May we rejoice in the mystery of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

May we not resist Him with our sins, but be swept away by His love.


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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona, Minnesota.
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