Beware! From the Experience of an Exorcist

I read with interest over at Catholic News Agency an interview with a Spanish exorcist during which he spoke of the Satan’s favorite sin (pride) and the danger of  “New Age” practices, such as Reiki and Yoga.

I have often said the same thing to well meaning Catholics who get into Reiki and Yoga. They always tell me the same thing, i.e, it is good for their health, their ability to relax, and their overall well-being. I always respond with the same response, i.e., “Do you know there are healthy and holy practices that come from the saints (and our Lord himself) that have those same benefits? Have you studied and tried them?”

A nearby spirituality center, sponsored by a Catholic order, regularly offers classes very similar to, if not in reality, New Age philosophies and practices. I always cringe.

I agree with the priest interviewed in the article. To engage in New Age practices are invitations to the devil to enter you life in some way. He is always studying us, and looking for ways. His temptations always look good at first, for he knows we are incapable of choosing anything that doesn’t look good at first sight.

Log on to the article and read. Here is the link:  The Devil’s Favorite Sin

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