Attention All Deacons and Priests! Why Deacons Chant the Exultet

I have provided below a link to a blog post by Deacon Bill Ditewig in which he describes some of the history and theology of the deacon’s presence and function during the Easter Vigil. It speaks of the “why” a deacon chants the Exultet and carries the Easter Candle and other very interesting items. PLEASE READ ALL DEACONS AND PRIESTS!

One of the things I am face with every year as Assistant Director of Deacon Personnel is one of more deacons who are not allowed to fulfill their diaconal responsibility to chant the Exultet. This proclamation is meant for the deacon. It is not meant to be a theatrical performance given to the person with the best voice. The deacon is also given other roles int he Vigil Liturgy that often are deprived him for various stated reasons. I would hope Ditewig’s essay will go a long way to clearing up confusion regarding the matter, even though the deacon’s role is clearly spelled out in the GIRM.

Here is the link:

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