The Paucity of Blog Posts (or alternatively, closing in on 2000 posts!)

Pope Francis has just completed his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I have been keeping abreast of his activities there as best as I could, although I have simply been too busy and occupied with various things to do any posting here  at Catholic Faith and Reflections. 

I suppose some of my readers may be thinking I am slowly leaving the blogosphere. No, not really. I obviously have been cutting back on the number of posts I publish. I have been working on an essay that I hope to have published this autumn in addition to an upsurge of responsibilities in my duties as director of deacon personnel for the diocese. My intention for the future is to post regularly, and more frequently original pieces of writing that I will be composing. I hope you will find such of interest.

In a very short while, I will have posted two thousand posts here on the weblog. Nearly eight hundred comments have been published, and this blog has been looked at by almost 800,000 viewers. I am grateful to all of you who by your linking over keep me energized to continue what I consider to be an international component to my diaconal ministry.

God bless each of you!

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