Satanic “Black Mass” to be conducted on Harvard campus

You may have already read in the press that a “Black Mass” is planned and will occur on the campus of Harvard University.

Initially, a representative of the group who will be doing this indicated that a consecrated Host from a Catholic Mass will be used, i.e., desecrated. Now, that individual says an unconsecrated piece of bread will be used. Believe what you will about those statements; I know which I believe is accurate.

A “Black Mass” is satanic, a mockery of the Catholic Mass, and a desecration of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Those who participate are invoking Satan and are participating in a very grave evil.

I can only hope that Harvard University acts to stop this sacrilege and offense to the Catholic faith. Can you imagine what the outcry would be if something of this nature was done in offense and mockery of our Jewish or Muslim brothers and sisters?

May God act swiftly, and may all of us act equally swiftly to address this affront to our Lord and our faith.

Mary, ever Virgin, intercede for us. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us!

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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota.
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