39% of all Pregnancies in Detroit end in Abortion. Is Poverty the Cause?

Hats off to a fellow Catholic blogger for posting this. Please link over to Diane Korzeniewski’s blog Te-Deum and read her post for today, May 22. In it, she reports on recent statistics regarding abortion in the city of Detroit, her hometown. Here is a segment of her post:

Today there is a report out showing 38% of all pregnancies in Detroit ends at an abortion mill, while in the State of Michigan, that number is 11%. 

A large percentage of a generation in Detroit has died by dismemberment or chemical burns and experts blame it on poverty. Poverty?  The same people would not think of summarily executing kids in Detroit  because they are living in poverty.  It surprises me that in the year 2014, with all the technology we have, so-called experts are ignoring the fact that we are talking about human beings, not a clump of tissue.  Nothing will change as long as the unborn are ignored as persons, with equal dignity, and a right to life.

My mother and father who were raised in Detroit during the 30’s, like most who were raised in immigrant homes, came from impoverished families.  My father spoke of the lard sandwiches and lack of things like milk. He shared not just a bedroom, but a bed, with siblings. My mother would recount wearing all the hand-me-down underwear from older cousins.  Generations would live in one three story house and even my teenage mother, finding work, spoke with joy of giving her earnings to her grandmother who raised her.  When my mom and dad first married, all they had was an orange crate and a lamp in a tiny 600 square foot  house. My dad gave her money to go get some new underwear. When she came home from the store with basic necessities for her husband and baby, my dad made her go back and return the items to get what she needed. 

If poverty is the cause of today’s astronomical abortion rate in Detroit, then we have to ask how generations like that of my mother and father survived such poverty without the convenience of abortion on demand. 

May all of us continue to pray for every woman who is considering abortion, that she and her child be protected from harm and receive what is needed to embrace life.

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