The Difference Between Sin and Corruption

Pope Francis had some strong and interesting comments this morning at his daily Mass at the Vatican’s Santa Marta during which he spoke of sin, forgiveness and corruption. He made a distinction between sin and corruption of which I hadn’t previously thought.

According to the report from Vatican Radio┬áthe Pope said that those who don’t truly repent and only pretend to be Christian are damaging the Church. The Pope said that, yes we must forgive our brother whenever he repents but he warned there is a difference between being a sinner and being corrupt. Sinners do wrong and are to ask for forgiveness. Those who lead a double life, the Pope said, are corrupt. He used as an example a person who takes from the state and from the poor, but gives to the Church. He said we all need to call ourselves sinners, but those who are corrupt do not understand humility. One who says he is a Christian but does not lead a Christian life is corrupt.

Log on to the link below for a full report. Food for thought.


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