Immigration Reform

I can only offer an opinion, perhaps I should say a conjecture, as to the root of immigration reform opposition. I believe it is purely party politics. Blind allegiance to a particular party’s positions. A desire to divide the body politic, and to divide the church community. We must be careful not to let our political agendas divide our ecclesial community. It has happened too often in history and we cannot let it happen now even though it would seem we are ripe for it. Take a look at today’s feast day, Sts. Thomas More and John Fischer. Their martyrdom was partially the result of political division between England and Rome.

As a Church let us not put politics ahead of communio e obbedienza. We are sent to serve the needs of the people, to speak the truth to all regardless of political affiliations, to confront injustice in all its forms, to remain true to the Gospel of Jesus which is a Gospel of life, and if necessary to suffer martyrdom however that may present itself. We Christians have a difficult vocation because we must be with the people in their need while remaining close to the altar of sacrifice.

As Fr. Henri Nouwen (who lived with us in Rome throughout 1978) would often say, “We must grasp and live out fully this central reality: We all are the ‘Beloved of God’.”

I weary of anyone who shows more allegiance to political party than common sense rooted in the Gospel.

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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota.
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