Covert Euthanasia

The manner in which we care for our elderly, especially in health care, is something about which I get rather passionate. Most of my extended family have heard me go on a heated monologue about the manner in which the medical profession seems to be conversing about providing health care to our oldest citizens. The word “euthanasia” is rarely if ever spoken in medical conferences that I have attended, but the concept is being actively discussed in veiled terms under the guise of health care reform and allocation of resources.

It really burns me because what is at stake here is a major ethical change in doctor-patient ethics and the devaluation of human life at its later stages.

Mark my words, before this decade is out, the elderly will be actively encouraged to die rather than be treated for their conditions. Subtle incentives will be offered to family members to facilitate this.

Pope Francis said in 2010 while still archbishop of Buenos Aires,

“I believe that today there is covert euthanasia: Our social security pays up until a certain amount of treatment and then says ‘May God help you.'”


My sentiments exactly.

My question is, “What are we Catholics willing to do to stop this?”

Another question I have is, “Why do we buy into the deception that there isn’t enough money to pay for health care to our elderly?”

Think about it. How much have the last two wars cost us? Not having fought just one of them would have saved us enough money to pay for health care for our seniors for decades. There is more than enough money; we just spend it on war.

Last question directed at deacons, because this is an obvious area fitting squarely into diaconal ministry: “Are you willing to preach and teach and live out Catholic Social Doctrine in this area? Are you willing to speak publicly (and outside the parish setting) advocating justice for our seniors?”

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Moderator: Deacon Bob Yerhot of the Diocese of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota.
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