Dear Readers: A Final Call to Vote “YES”

To all Minnesota readers of this weblog.

We have only four more days until the polls open and we are called to exercise our duty to cast our votes for candidates that will pursue the common good, protect life from conception until natural death, and who will protect what is foundational to our society, i.e., marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

We cannot remain faithful to our core values of securing peace and stability in society, nuturing the next generation of citizens, and protecting the most basic of human rights – life- if we vote to allow marriage to be redefined. We simply cannot in good conscience do it.

We are on the cusp of something pivotal and essential. Do not be misled by the fallacious arguments of those who advocate marriage in whatever form two people may wish to have it. Their arguments are fallacious. To state that those of us who support “traditional marriage” are bigoted or hateful is a complete misunderstanding of what we are fighting to protect. Any clear-minded person will see that bigotry and hate have no place in the union of a man and a woman, that distinctions made to preserve what is constitutive of human nature and divine law are not bigotry but rather a lifting up of  the dignity the unique and irreplaceable relationship we know to be marriage as well as the dignity of the chaste friendships and the inherent dignity of all men and women, especially those with same-sex attractions.

The unsung efforts of the Catholic Church’s ministry to men and women with same-sex attractions is a song that in some way must be sung loudly. If the Church has failed in its efforts to protect marriage it has been its relatively quiet efforts to minister to those who long for connectedness, health and holiness while acknowledging their same-sex attractions. Most of that ministry is done without fanfare. I think it is time to make it widely known.

This is the final call, dear readers. Tuesday is election day, and Tuesday is the day that Catholics, Muslims, Evangelicals, Lutherans, Christians of all denominations, yes even agnostics and atheists, to go to the polls and vote “YES” on the Marriage Protection Amendment.

The moral imperative is clear. Do you have the will to act accordingly?

I pray we all do.

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