Evangelization Campaign for Europe this Lent

The Vatican is announcing an evangelization campaign for Europe this Lent. It is called, Metropolis 2012: Paths to Conversion. Church leaders from 12 major European dioceses are hoping to re-evangelize their cities. These dioceses include: Menchelen-Brussels, Barcelona, Budapest, Cologne, Dublin, Lisbon, Liverpool, Paris, Turin, Warsaw, and Vienna.

The Menchelen-Brussels diocese, for example, will be conducting afternoons of testimony on the theme of “conversion paths;” reflections on the writings of St. Augustine; opening all church doors on Palm Sunday for anyone to come in for coffee and refreshments and ask questions about the Catholic faith and make available the Sacrament of Penance; an all day reading of the Gospel of Mark in the ancient church of Notre Dame du Finistere on Good Friday that will be broadcast on large screens throughout the city; bishops touring the city to speak of the faith; and more.

Sounds like a wonderful effort. I like the sound of it… kind of thinking outside the box a bit. Something someday we could do here, perhaps?

Log on to: www.catholicnewagency.com/news/evangelization-campaign-to-launch-in-12-european-cities for more information.


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