The Day Before the Day Before Christmas News of Joy

Antara News’ website ( reports today of an Indonesian girl, who was swept away from her mother in the tsunami of 2004 and presumed dead, has found her way back home.

Her name is Mary Wati Yuranda; her grandfather is Ibrahim, her mother is Yusinar and her father Yusuf. Mary was only eight years old when the tsunami hit, and she was clinging to her mom and siblings when the waves hit. They proved too strong, and she was wrested from her mom’s grip, went under and not seen again. They presumed her dead.

She is a teenager now, and had been trying to find her home for years. She had forgotten her parents’ names, but not her grandfather’s. A friend of Ibrahim saw her in the provincial city of Meulaboh and brought her to him who subsequently took her home to her parents.

They call it a Christmas miracle seven years in the making.

God is good, isn’t he!

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