33 Years Ago: Cardinal Hugo Poletti on John Paul I

On September 29, 1978, the day the body of John Paul I was found in his bedroom, the Vicar General of the diocese of Rome made this announcement to the city of Rome (my translation of the Italian):

Dear Priests, Religious and citizens of Rome,

With an anguished spirit I have the sad obligation to tell you of the sudden death of Holy Father John Paul I. Before such a sad, unthinkable and mysterious event there remains only a turning to Faith, supported by Christian hope that always leads to true life and for us to repeat: “Lord you know all! May your holy name be forever blessed.”

In one month, the deceased Pope earned for himself the affection of Christians. His pontificate was received by all the world as a sign of faith.

Now, we must pray for his blessed soul.

All the bells of Rome, today at noon and in the evening, and then for the next two days that follow, will ring in mourning.

But above all all the parish and religious communities will gather in insistent prayer for the dead Holy Father, commending his soul to God and praying also for the Holy Catholic Church in mourning.


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