Catholic Evangelization

I read with interest this morning an article by Phil Lawler over at Catholic Culture and his prediction that Catholic evangelization is about to widen in great and wonderful ways because of the use of the internet.

Click over and read what he has to say.

It is a bit encouraging to read something like this, being a blogger on all things Catholic, and a deacon ordained to be a herald of the Gospel.

Yes, wouldn’t it be awesome if millions of Catholics would log on to the ‘net and set up a blog and respectfully but boldly proclaim the Gospel.

It has never been easier in a certain sense to do this because of technology. It has never been a bigger challenge because of the very secular world in which we now live.

If you don’t want to be the author of a blog or a website, then be a regular reader of a few of them. Pick ones that are reliably Catholic and present the Gospel, not just the opinions of the author. I have tried to select a few good ones that I have put on the Blogroll at the lower right. There are others.

If you do go ahead and blog, keep the environment in which you work free from those who would only wish to destroy what Jesus has proclaimed and established. Be prepared for comments that only excite division or rancor. Keep the conversation civil and respectful.

God bless you in your efforts to pass the Faith on to the next generation!

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