33 Years Ago Today… John Paul I

Thirty-three years ago today, Cardinal Albino Luciani, Patriarch of Venice, was elected pope and took the name John Paul I. His papacy lasted 33 days, but his effect will continue for years.

L’Osservatore Romano (www.vatican.va/news_services/or/or_quo/text.html) had a nice little article about him yesterday. If you read Italian, take a look. In the article, there is a reference to a similarity between Luciani and St. Pope Pius X. This is something I have briefly read about in the past, and would be interested in understanding even more in the future.

As so many of you know, I have fond memories of Luciani, especially his election and his installation Mass. I was privileged to have been able to approach him closely, and serve him liturgically.

Let us all pray that the sanctity of Pope John Paul I will be known more widely, and his cause for canonization be rapidly forwarded.

I’d like to conclude with a quote from yesterday’s article in the L’Osservatore Romano, written by Vincenzo Bertolone (my translation from the Italian):

Thus, the visible friendliness of Albino Luciani was governed by his desire to support, encourage and value his listener. It is not to be forgotten that he may have been, and is remembered as, a great catechist. Certainly, one is inspired by great examples, but of him one is moved to love by his simplicity, by his “essentiality”, both of which taken together are the handmaids of truth.

Pope John Paul I, Servant of the servants of God, Vicar of Christ, pray for us!

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